Saturday, May 20, 2017

Don't let your message die with you!!!

  "I was sitting at lunch with one of my clients.I asked her why she decided to work with our team and I.  She said, “Because I don’t want my message to die with me.”
I was initially surprised. She is beautiful, vibrant, and healthy. But she’s also WISE.

Don't let your message die with you.  Get healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually, out grow your circumstances, grow through your grief, your trauma of childhood abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse.  Too many of us get stuck in our misery and end up settling there although we know deep inside we have more to give, more to live.

 Break free from holding onto the misery, the resentments and anger.  It is your time to blossom , time to share your story with others so that they can find the inspiration to grow through their pain too. When we hold it all inside, we can not heal, we keep reliving the pain all over again and again.  Opening up and sharing allows us to realize we are not alone and in turn we can help others to learn that gift of freedom as well.

Consider ways that you can share your story by going to support meetings, writing blogs, post on FB, writing a book, do speaking engagements, sharing one on one with those that you feel God put before you to share with....however you decide to share, just know you are healing yourself and the others each time your open up and share.

Peace, Love & Sunshine Always.