Monday, January 2, 2017

What makes a successful Life Coach?

It's YOUR entire life, how you overcome obstacles, how you shine your light through good times and bad.  It's Your faith in God and your will to follow His guidance. Knowing how to meditate and be still to know yourself and calculate your next move.  How you look for the higher purpose in everyday and every interaction, as you live life to the fullest. 

Sometimes people forget on this journey in coaching that it's everything you've done in your life that makes you successful as a coach.  You don't just wake up and become a coach overnight.

You take everything you've done in your life, the challenges you've faced, businesses you've managed or owned, organizations you've worked in, your struggles, your successes, EVERYTHING in your personal life and career and roll that into whatever you're doing next with a smile on your face and love in your heart toward all that you encounter. 

I believe we each have a purpose and a gift to share! My desire is to help each person I meet to come closer to following that purpose and sharing their gift. 

Peace Love Sunshine Always-

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