Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bio, Mission and Copyright

Carol Kirkum is a passionate advocate for people that want to stand in their own.  She encourages them to use their own VOICE to establish their own POWER and CREATE their own life.

 As a Life Coach, Author and Speaker that graduated West Allegheny High ,class of 1978 , she grew her self worth while living in Las Vegas, NV for thirty eight years and is now will be moving back to the beautiful suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA.  Carol is daily helping others to grow within their own self worth.


 Carol has worked with clients that include moms, adult addicts, teenagers, other Parents / siblings of Murdered Children , Victim advocates. . By working with people to develop their unique strengths, she thrives when she sees her clients transform and make positive impacts in the world. -

 Carol now focuses on Youth, Pre-teen and Teenagers- We must motivate students to change from the inside-out by teaching positive character traits like respect, responsibility, and self-esteem.

 After Carol's daughter Cassandra was murdered at the age of 24, Carol sought spiritual help and her spirit guides which includes her daughter Cassandra , informed her that: 

 "You are outstanding at what you do and determined to positively impact as many lives as you can. This is your heart’s desire, your mission, and your life’s purpose!
You have the priceless gift of being able to help others break through their blocks and create the lives they truly want and deserve.
And what you want the most is to offer your gift to as many people as possible.
Because after all… what are your gifts and talents worth if you’re not actively using them to make the impact you know you could make? To change the lives you know you could change? And to create the impact you know you could create…

The following are ways that Carol plans on accomplishing that by sharing her experience strength and hope..... For those that do not know what "Soleil Radieux" means to Carol...Her daughter Cassandra was a artist and fashion designer, she signed her online art work and Store by name "Soliel Radieux"  Meaning Bright, Sunshine.  Her nickname from pre-birth was Sunshine.  That name is now Carol's way of continuing to shine Cassandra's light. 

 © 2016 Carol Kirkum 
"Soleil Radieux's Healing"  Certified Life Coaching

(Goal Summer 2017) © 2017 Carol Kirkum ,Author 
 "Soleil Radieux's Healing Momma"
Break the cycles of childhood abuse, sexual abuse, trauma, addiction

( Goal Fall 2017 ) Speak at  Elementary, Middle/Jr high schools Allegheny County School District PA
 © 2017 Carol Kirkum ,
 Certified Life Coach. Author & Speaker
"Soleil Radieux's Healing Momma"

Keep your eyes posted for Carol's next teachings here on this Blog, coming soon website  and when you see her in person
 you will come a little closer to realizing that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Love Peace Sunshine Always

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