Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pro-peace, love & Sunshine

Mother Theresa said she would not be apart of any ANTI- anything.  Invite her to a PRO- anything and she would be there!!!!

I plan on keeping my book, life coaching and speaker campaign based on her words!   There are books, speakers out there talking to our children about anti-drugs, anti-bullying, anti-sextrafficking etc. I want to change that since like Mother Theresa said, people are apt to join pro movements rather than Anti movements.

 Anti- is like being told NO rather than YES.  When I was raising my two little girls and they got to that age of walking and picking things up that were Mommy's nic-nacs , I would not yell no don't touch that....I would go over to them and hand them a YES toy first then say YES play with this and get them to take toy.  As they got older I was forced to use word NO but I would not do that without giving them the YES choice.

I believe that teenagers will not hear the anti message since they are tired of NO already.  When I tell them what YES is, they may be more apt to listen.

What do you think?

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