Monday, December 26, 2016

Frequently asked questions

1) What is the difference between therapy vs Coaching:
Life Coaching and Therapy are not the same though they oftentimes overlap. Life Coaching is not medical treatment. The focus of coaching is on “the now,” development of strengths, and co-creation of external solutions to overcome barriers, learn new skills and implement them.
A Therapist makes diagnoses, explores the roots of problems, seeks to bring about healing and explores “the why.” If you are concerned your teenager needs a therapist, feel free to be in contact and I can refer you to a trusted professional in the area.
For a more detailed breakdown on the differences between therapy and coaching, please feel free to contact me via this blog or facebook page: 
 2) Is coaching covered by insurance?
 Life Coaching is more of a Holistic treatment and is not considered medical treatment, therefore there is no insurance coverage for this service.
3) Is Coaching for all ages?
Yes,  I became a coach for the purpose of reaching Tweens!  I worked at a drug rehab treatment center for six years and started to feel as though by time clients reached me in treatment , for most this was too late.  I realized that if I could reach Tweens before the childhood bullying , abuse , trauma took them over- I would have more of a chance to help them transform their thinking to overcome anything in life and not head to feelings that they want to numb with drugs and alcohol or worse contemplate suicide over!
Please seek help with your tween and realize that although they seem difficult to get to open up, they do open up to those that are not their parent.  Allow that person to be someone you can trust to guide them to a healthy way of thinking and resolving their problems.  

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