Sunday, December 4, 2016

"Healing from Within"- Certified Life Coach Carol Kirkum

I accomplished my Life coaching training, the final exam and I am now seeking to work 100 hours face to face coaching as a Certified Life Coach along side with another coach as further training.  Once I have accomplished that I will be ready to officially start my own business called  "Healing from Within".

I have always believed that your life is effected by your family , genetics , your environment yet I also know that the quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of choices you make.  You have a choice and ability to transform your life at any point of your life.  It is within your power and it comes from within. 

Each choice you make leads you down a road, a road that can change your life for the better or a road that can change your life for the worse. You are here right now, you are at choice right now… which road will you take? 

 I use to tell my daughters that when they come to a fork in the road and they are making a choice to always stop and pause to feel the reaction of their bodies to each choice before deciding.  We all need to learn to stop and listen to our bodies to souls to know how to make right choices. 

Took me years of my life to learn these lessons and I am so excited to have the life experience and now the education to know how to show others how to slow down and make some better choices for their life. 

Healing from Within has been my own life and it will be a joy to teach you adults and especially teenagers. Teenage years were my hardest and I want to reach out to our youth to help them understand themselves and life better during the most confusing years. 

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